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A Volunteer Suppression Firefighter holds a current certification as an NFPA Firefighter 1 (or higher level) and NFPA Driver, these firefighters are able to go into an IDLH (imminent danger to life and health) environment. They will be issued a yellow helmet.

A Support Volunteer does not have that certification, these volunteers are able to assist at a fire scene in many capacities (ie) changing breathing apparatus bottles, setting up lighting, setting up for RIT, setting up rehab, water shuttle, as well as helping out on MVC’s etc. They are issued a blue helmet. These volunteers as well as the IDLH volunteer firefighters may also hold EMR, EMT, Advanced EMT, Intermediate, Paramedic licenses and respond to medical emergencies. Some volunteers hold a Surface Water Tech 1 or higher certification and respond to Water Rescues.

Our volunteers are required to stay in good standing with the department and meet minimum requirements:  participate in 12 hours per month of Volunteer Standby, Community Service, attend a minimum of 2 drill nights per month or 1 Sunday block training. And complete 100% of specified mandatory training.

Our Student Volunteer program is a great program for students while they are in college preparing for a career in the fire service. They are assigned a shift under the supervision of a Captain. Student firefighters are required to respond to all incidents as a member of the engine company. They are expected to attend trainings that do not interfere with their school schedule.  Student Firefighters are required to complete within 1 year, a task book for NFPA Firefighter 1 and NFPA Driver. Training progress is monitored through review of task book and successful task performance evaluations. In return the district will pay for the tuition for approved classes for the attainment of an AAS degree in Fire Science or AAS in Paramedicine or dual AAS degrees (Fire/ and Paramedicine)