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Fire District 4 owns and operates a wide range of apparatus ranging from fire suppression to river rescue vehicles. All Apparatus were recently renamed as part of a County wide initiative. Shady Cove fire Station is now Station 30 in Jackson county and this is reflected in Apparatus numbering.

Front of Station.jpg

Engine 30
2004 HME purchased in 2004 as a demo engine. Engine 30 is the first out engine. Engine 30 is a full service Advanced Life Support (ALS) engine. It also carries 750 gallons of water with a HALE pump capable of pumping 1500 GPM.


Engine 30.jpg

Water Tender 30
Water Tender 30 is a "tactical tender" that was purchased in 2019 with money the department received through a FEMA grant. It is 4x4 with 2000 gallons of water that is used as our second out apparatus on fire events. WT 30 is used for our primary water supply in areas that do not have fire hydrants.


Water Tender 30.jpg

Brush 130
Brush 30 is a 2002 Ford f-550 type 6 wildland engine that is used as the primary first out wildland engine. It is an ALS, type 6 engine and now serves as our back-up Basic Life Support (BLS) type 6 wildland engine.


Brush 130.jpg

Boat 30
Boat 30 is a 16ft 2020 SOLAR STRELA raft equipped with a 35hp Tohatsu Jet drive motor. This was purchased in 2020 with money received from The wildflower show proceeds. This serves as our primary rescue boat for most of our river operations throughout the busy summer months.

Boat 30.jpg
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