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Captain - Nick Fitzpatrick

Position: Captain

Captain Nick Fitzpatrick was hired by Fire District 4 in February 2016 after working for both Klamath County Fire District 1 and AMR Josephine County as a Paramedic.  He was also a student volunteer at Jackson County Fire District 5 as an EMT.

​ Nick has lived in the Rogue Valley since he was 5 years old and enjoys many of the things the Rogue Valley has to offer such as skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing, rafting, and boating. Nick also enjoys exploring the Rogue Valley with his wife Sarah, their daughters and two dogs.

Nick’s extensive whitewater background has served him well for water rescues and operating the fire district's water rescue equipment and he currently runs the Fire Districts water rescue program.

​Nick was promoted to Fire Captain in January of 2020.