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About Us

Jackson County Fire District 4 is a combination career-volunteer fire department serving the communities of Shady Cove and Trail since 1956.  Our Fire District covers approximately 37 square miles, primarily along the Highway 62 corridor from Highway 234 up to Casey State Park.  We also provide service up Highway 227 to milepost 43.  We protect approximately 6,600 residents that live within our District boundaries, as well as the thousands that come to visit or pass through our area every year.

​Our District is governed by a five-member elected Board of Directors.  Our Directors are community volunteers who provide an essential service to the community by serving in these roles. 

​We provide a variety of emergency response services, with emergency medical care being the most common.  We respond to an average of 1,000 emergency calls each year.  Medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, water rescues, wildland fires, structure fires – our personnel are trained and prepared to respond to any incident.

​We are fortunate to have paramedic-level emergency medical care in our District.  Our staff includes 3 captains, 4 firefighters, several active volunteers, a student firefighter program, and a very active Volunteer Support Group. Our Student Firefighter Program provides entry-level on-the-job training opportunities in coordination with Rogue Community College for individuals interested in joining the fire service.